Payment Notification

When your customer submits a payment, you will receive the below remittance notification on the status of the payment.


1. View payment

By clicking view payment you will be re-directed to your Viewpost account to log in where you will have access to further payment details, full payment history and remittances.

If a payment is on its way and being sent to a closed bank account:

  1. Log into your account and update the banking details 
  2. Contact our support team at so we may re-direct the payment to your new bank.

2. Estimated Delivery Date

As a reminder, the Payment Trackers include ESTIMATED delivery dates and are not guaranteed.

  1. If your payment has not arrived by the estimated delivery date click here.

3. Remittance

You may find the remittance details submitted with this payment. As a third-party payment processor, Viewpost does not have any insight into payment details beyond the remittance details that is submitted with each payment. Please communicate directly with your customer if there are any discrepancies or if additional information is needed to apply the payment.


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