Advanced Payment Approvals

On Viewpost we have new and improved features that will give you more control and confidence in your payment approval process with Advanced Payment Approvals.

  • Advanced Approval Rule-sets- quickly and easily create powerful, approval rule-sets that include multiple payment thresholds, with responsibility assigned to custom user groups.
  • New Payment Approvals Panel- the payment detail page to clearly display the real-time status of pending approvals. Once approved, the view changes to the Payment Tracker.
  • Payment Tracker Details-Approval information has been added so you can quickly see who reviewed a payment and when it was approved or rejected. 
  • Rule-Change Alerts-When creating or updating an approval rule-set, built-in logic filters review your changes and alert you when an existing payment is affected or new payments would be put in a state that they could not be approved.
  • Approval Email Reminders- Users will now receive a daily summary of specific payments that are pending review in their approval queue.

To select Advanced Payment Approval click on:

  • Your company name
  • Company settings
  • Payment Approval
  • Approve Payments Using drop down
  • Select Advanced Payment Approval



 Creating Payment Approval Matrixmceclip2.png

Payments Pending Approval


Approval Process

When the Check Creator initiates a payment, it will go into a 'Pending' state, until the Check Signer logs into Viewpost to send the payments. 

Approvals Requested by Email:



Approval Queue listed under Payments/ Approval Queue


Confirmation message:


Once the signer selects 'Approve' the payment will be sent

For more information on Basic Payment Approvals click here.

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