General File Import Requirements

Users may import customer and vendor address book lists to Viewpost.  Links to specific requirements for each data type will be listed on the Import page.  The general requirements and limitations for file import are below.

General Requirements:

  • Viewpost user must have Admin permissions to import files.
  • CSV Format only
    • When creating, editing, or reading CSV files, we recommend using a text editor like Notepad, Wordpad, or Notepad+.  Excel often reformats data when it opens CSV files, which could alter your data in unanticipated ways (as an example, it removes leading zeroes from numeric values).
  • You can create your own CSV or use the Viewpost template
  • Column headers in your CSV export file must match Viewpost’s specified column header names exactly.  See Help Center Article Mapping CSV Import Files
  • During Mapping of the import, you can save your Import Mapping Profile to use again.
  • Optional column headers may be excluded from your CSV file import
  • Commas included within values must be wrapped in double quotes.  For example, “Vendor, I appreciate all of the stuff.”  Viewpost identifies commas as a delimiter in data fields unless wrapped in quotes.
  • Response filenames will be based on the request filename you provide.
  • Filenames can be defined by the user. We recommend users select a filename that indicates type and timestamp such as customers_01012016.csv.

Acknowledgement Files

It is critical to monitor your acknowledgement files from Viewpost to ensure successful transmission of data.  A workflow should be established for receipt, review, and action on failures.  Any line items rejected in a particular file will  NOT appear on the Viewpost network.  Any line items rejected in a particular file must be resubmitted to Viewpost for inclusion on the network.

Viewpost will notify you of file transfer acknowledgement in 2 ways:

  • Email Notification to Sync and Admin users
  • Acknowledgement on the web via Import page

 General Limitations:

  • Your company can not be enabled for File Upload or Microsoft Dynamics in Viewpost
  • File size limited to 10MB per day
  • Phone Numbers may be in the following formats:
    • (xxx)xxx-xxxx
    • Xxx-xxx-xxxx
    • Xxxxxxxxx
  • Dates may be in the following formats:
    • 08/01/2016
    • 8/1/2016
    • 8/1/16
    • 2016-08-01
    • 2016-8-1
    • August 08 2016
    • August 8 2016
    • August 08 16
    • August 8 16
    • 08.01.2016
    • 8.1.2016
    • Aug 08 2016
    • Aug 08 16
    • Aug 8 2016
    • Aug 8 16

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