Virtual Credit Card

Common issues relating to Virtual Card.

1) You only received one email with a portion of the card number.

2) Card was declined

Most common reasons:

  • Incorrect 
    • Card number
    • Expiration Date
    • CVC Code
  • Dollar amount does not match exact dollar amount of the card (over or under)
  • Card has already been used
  • You need to swipe the card for multiple invoices, or multiple departments 
  • You have exceeded your daily limit of processing

Edit and try again.  If payment was still unsuccessful, please email

3) The dollar amount does not match what your customer owes. Reach out to your customer for all payment adjustments, inquiries and reissues. 

4) You are not sure if you accept credit cards, or have a card number on file that differs from this one. 

If you receive credit card payments at all, you should be able to process this one. Virtual card numbers may differ from the card you have on file. Please use this card number for this transaction, even if you use other card numbers for other transactions. 

 *Virtual Card payments differ from Credit Card payments. Please click here for information regarding credit card transactions.  

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