Virtual Credit Card

Vitrual_Card_process.jpgDid you receive an email with a credit card number and aren't sure how to process it?

Do you use a merchant service provider to processes credit card payments, online or at a physical terminal?

If so, you can easily process the card like any other. 

We are here to help you get paid right now. 

  1. If you only received a portion of the card number, don't fret, we can supply you with the first digits of the card number. The first few digits will always be the same; the ending digits will change, as each payment is created with specific remittance. 
  2. If the card was declined, check all of these fields for accuracy and try again: 
  • Card number
  • Expiration Date
  • CVC Code
  • Dollar amount does not match exact dollar amount of the card (over or under)

3. Other reasons a card may not process successfully: 

  • Card has already been used
  • You need to swipe the card for multiple invoices, or multiple departments 
  • You have exceeded your daily limit threshold for processing

4. Please email

  • If none of the above remedies are successful
  • You need to update the email address you are receiving notification at
  • Your company cannot process virtual credit cards

If the dollar amount does not match what your customer owes please reach out directly to your customer. They can respond and remedy all payment adjustments, inquiries and reissues. 

 Please click here for information regarding credit card transactions. 

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