Credit Card Payments

Credit card payments are a convenient way to exchange funds.

(Virtual Card Payments are a separate method. Click here if you have received a Virtual Card number via email and have questions)

The card you use to pay the Viewpost monthly subscription fee is not stored on Viewpost and not available to pay other invoices.  

Stripe is our merchant card service provider. Click here to learn more about Stripe. 

The Stripe fee for credit card transactions is incurred by the company receiving the funds.

To Receive credit card payments via Viewpost: 

*If you enable credit card payments it will look like the preferred method of payment to the person receiving your invoice. On the invoice it will clearly allow them to enter their credit card number, where as paying with a bank account will require them to register for Viewpost. 

For best results, do these steps before sending an invoice to a customer. 

  • Select your Company Name from the upper right hand corner 
  • Select Payment Methods
  • Select 'Enroll' next to Accept Credit Card Payments
  • Fill out the Stripe Registration form (If you already have a Stripe account you may just sign in) 


You are now enabled to accept credit card payments.

One last step: 

  • Enable the company/person you want to receive credit card payments from on the Network tab (See Below)


Select the customers you are willing to accept credit card payments from.

Follow the steps below to enable a customer to pay via credit card:

  • Select the Network Tab
  • Select the Company Name of the Customer you wish to include
  • Select the 3 dots next to the Customer entry
  • Select 'Edit'
  • Check the box to 'Accept Credit Card Payments' from this customer and 'Update'





Next time you send them an invoice, they will have the option to pay via credit card. 

To Send credit card payments via Viewpost: 

When your vendor has enabled you to pay via credit card, you will see credit card as a payment option. If you do not see this option, contact the company who sent you the invoice to follow the steps above

Click 'Schedule Payment on the email Invoice.

If you don't have a Viewpost account, simply enter your credit card information on the right hand side of the page.


If you do have a Viewpost account follow the steps below: 

  • Schedule Payment (which pushes the invoice in to your Payment Queue)
  • Select 'Credit Card' from the drop down menu next to Payment Method
  • This will prompt Credit Card Details to appear on the right hand side of the screen. 
  • Enter the pertinent information (Card number, Expiration, and CVC code) 
  • Submit Payment

The company or person sending a credit card payment does not have to register for Viewpost, or enroll in Stripe. (This view is that of a registered user. The experience for unregistered customers, and iPhone users does vary) 

*Credit card payment criteria and timelines are determined by Stripe.

*Debit cards with pin numbers are not supported.

If you have any questions about credit card payments, please contact Stripe Customer Support here

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