General Upload FAQ


What file formats do you accept?

  • You can submit your files in .csv or .xml format.

Do I have to use your field header names?

  • Yes. Column headers in your CSV export file must match Viewpost’s specified column headers exactly.  XML fields and values are case sensitive.

What if I don’t want to use some of the optional fields?

  • Optional column headers may be excluded from your CSV or XML export file.

What can I name the file?

  • Filenames of export files can be defined by the user. We recommend users select a filename that indicates type and timestamp such as payments_01012015.csv.

How will I know if the file was uploaded successfully?

  • You will receive an acknowledgement file from Viewpost with a summary of the upload results.

Is there a place I can do some testing?

  • Yes. Viewpost has a sandbox environment for testing. You can find additional details here.

What should I do with the acknowledgement file?

  • You should review all acknowledgement files to ensure the success/failure of all records uploaded.

What will the acknowledgement file look like?

  • The acknowledgement file provided by Viewpost will follow this naming convention: TimeStamp.ClientFileName.FileFormat.Status.ack Where:
    • TimeStamp is YYYY_MM_DD_HH_MM_SS_<fraction of second>
    • ClientFileName is the name of the file uploaded by the user
    • FileFormat will be “csv” or “xml” depending on the format of the original file uploaded
    • Status will be “processed” or “rejected” depending on whether the file as a whole has been accepted by the application. Please note a “processed: file may still contain errors



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