Viewpost Sandbox Overview


Hours of Availability: Mon – Fri, 6am -10pm EST

Important Notes Before You Begin:

  • Do not use live customer/vendor data in the sandbox environment. This data is secure but not physically hosted by Viewpost as opposed to the production environment.
  • Do not use live bank account numbers. Create and maintain a pseudo bank account number for making /receiving payments in the test environment. You will need to use a real routing number to finalize bank account registration. 
  • Do not use live customer/vendor email addresses. Use of the sandbox environment will trigger email notifications to be sent.

Getting Started:

  1. Visit the site and register for an account (as you would in production)
    • Use your real email address (or a test email address you have access to). You will receive verification emails and notifications at this address. Email settings can be configured as part of your user profile
    • Have a single user register and invite other employees who need access
  2. Complete / modify your company profile as you would in production
    • Add company address
    • Add logos (one for the invoice view, one for the company profile, they can be different or the same)
    • Add fake bank account – for making/receiving payments you’ll need to keep track of these fake bank account numbers. Viewpost will provide the necessary Micro Deposit amounts to verify this account.
    • Modify user/group permissions and add additional users
  3. Under the company drop down menu (top right corner of site) there is an option to Sync.
    • From here you can upload files (payments, receivables, payables, vendor/customer)
    • Acknowledgement files with sync results will be located at the same location
  4. You can register additional accounts to view the vendor/customer experience and to enable round trip transactions between companies. Use these “fake” email addresses in your upload documents to view the notifications received by your trading partners. 

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