Payment Approvals

On Viewpost you can add multiple users, and assign Group Permissions to set up Payment Approvals.

Follow the steps below to create a group and assign permissions for

  • One person to create and queue up payments
  • Another person to send them

1) Go to Groups. 



2) Add a Group and name it 'Check Creator'

Assign all permission you wish, including Create Check but excluding Sign Check and Modify Early Pay Settings. 

3) Assign the person you want to create checks this group.  

4) After this step has been completed, navigate to Users.

Select the user you want to be the 'Check Signer' and check the box to assign Admin permissions. 


Approval Process

When the Check Creator initiates a payment, it will go into a 'Pending' state, until the Check Signer logs into Viewpost to send the payments. 

This will prompt a notification to the Check Signer to approve the payment. 

The Check Signer selects 'Go', and lands on a page to approve the payment. Once the signer selects 'Approve' the payment will be sent


To approve multiple payments:

  1. Go to Payments > Sent
  2. Select the ‘Pending’ Status Filter
    1. mceclip0.png
  3. You now have the ability to select multiple payments at a time:
    1. mceclip1.png

For more information on dual signature approvals click here.

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