Stages of ACH Invitation

The stages of Vendor action for registering bank accounts are: 


Not yet invited ( via your vendor file, or accounting process- very rare. Most vendors you inquire about are already flagged for the Viewpost system and auto invited) 

Invited not registered (The vendor has an email address listed, we have emailed them instructions, and they have not yet acted on that email) 

Connected- Registered but not selected payment method (Ex. ACH, but hasn't added banking information) 

Connected- Registered, needs to complete banking information (They added their bank manually, need to verify test deposit)

Connected and Electronically enabled (good to go!) 


Some of these states to have recognizable actions for the vendor to take, etc. and offer you prompts. 

To give you complete confidence all of these states have automated outreach associated with them, automated emails etc. 

Sometimes vendors do all these things in quick succession and other times it takes them a bit to get completely set up.


Let us know how we can help. 


Payment Method Status


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