When Do Funds Leave My Bank?

All Viewpost payments get created as a paper check.


Timelines of funds delivery and bank processing vary by:  

  • Your bank 
  • Positive Pay file (should be sent simultaneously to Viewpost file)  
  • Viewpost file timing (preset time, or varies)  
  • Our timing to various banks, check printers, card issuers  
  • Vendor disposition (enrolled in preferred payment type or not yet decided)


When are payments delivered?  

Type Delivery Timeline
ICL/ACH  2-3 business days (depends on the receiving bank) 
Virtual Card

Emailed 1-2 business days. Vendor has 14 days to process the payment.

Funds will post 1-2 days after the vendor has 'authorized the card'

Paper Check Approx. 5 business days based on USPS delivery 


Payment cutoff times:  

If you submit files before 1:00 pm EST they are sent out same day.  

If you submit files after 1:00 pm EST they can be sent out next day.  

Viewpost puts a priority on delivering payments as efficiently as possible, and some of our check printers, receiving banks, and card issuers have late in the day cut off times.  

So it can also be true that payments which miss the cutoff may still be processed and delivered the same day.  

ACH – electronic payments depend on the receiving bank, and the account type of the Vendor (Business Premier, Commercial, Corporate etc.)  

If the vendor banks with Wells Fargo, Chase, etc. payments will arrive in a different timeline than if they bank with Bank of America, U.S. Bank, Regions.  

All of this is automated via files to the various banks.  


Card- Virtual cards are prefunded with a good funds model, and usually get sent out next day.  

Once cards are created, they can be processed immediately.  

Cards are good for processing 14 days from issuance.  

There are two main types of card processing 

  • Vendor Direct-  card directions are emailed to the vendor who processes cards in house 
  • Assisted Pay- card directions are processed by our internal team via phone, portal, or email 


We have automation and alerting around card delivery, insuring email success, as well as triggers for cards nearing expiration date.  

Our team reaches out to vendors to assist in card processing.  


Paper check – paper checks are usually printed and mailed within one business day.  

Mail delivery depends on the USPS, FedEx or UPS (if you have special handling enabled) 

Most checks are mailed via First Class USPS with no tracking available, which is why we encourage electronification of payments.  


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