Processing Fees

When enrolling a vendor we ask if there are any fees or limitations for processing cards. 

Fees are either % based, or flat rate. 

Viewpost will enroll a vendor in Virtual Card that has a flat rate fee per payment. (Ex. $3.00 for any payment up to $5,000 or $6.00 for any payment up to $15,000) 

When processing every payment for that vendor we use an algorithm to discern:

  • That the payment amount exceeds the fee amount
  • That the rebate you will receive on the payment is worth it to process

If a vendor changes their fees, we recalibrate the algorithm for ROI and make ongoing decisions to reroute payments. If the CBA is no longer beneficial we will unenroll the vendor from card. 

These fees are usually negligible, combined over the quarter, and subtracted from your rebate. 

The payment will appear in an Overcharge status until the fee is cleared. 

Your payment amount will not change. 




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