Vendor Enrollment Process

Our core goals are to:

  • Honor the vendor’s payment preference and your valued relationship with them
  • Convert as many payments as possible to electronic methods for efficiency and security
  • Generating the highest revenue for your organization

Vendor Status 

  • If we already have a status for the vendor, know they want paper check those payments go out with the very next mailing 
  • If we are still waiting on decision from the vendor for payment type, their status is ‘Pending Optimization’.  

We give our enrollment team until 1pm to contact them, see if they want the check or virtual card. Paper checks are then mailed out that day.  

So two payments sent in the same file, may be directed at vendors with different dispositions.  

Vendors who are ‘Pending Optimization’  have a small window of time to enroll in card before that specific payment has expired. 

This status is not visible in application after the window has passed.  


There are two basic paths.

Before Payments are Sent:

  • If you add a vendor via vendor file with contact information(email, phone number), we reach out to enroll before any payments are created. 

As Payment are Sent:

  • If the vendor is added at the same time their first payment is initiated, then the payment goes into a Live Payment queue.
  • Our Enrollment Team reaches out in real-time to engage the vendor and learn their payment preference.
  • If they are interested in Virtual Credit Card or ACH, we attempt to enroll them quickly and convert even the first paper check payment electronically.
  • If we are unable to reach them, the first payment will go paper check and the vendor will get added to continual outreach for subsequent payments until we learn their preference. 

What if you only have the mailing address for paper checks? No email or phone. 

  • Our Enrollment Team researches the company based on the:
    • Information you provide
    • Public records
    • Our database of diverse vendors already enrolled in the program
  • When they reach the AR stakeholder at the company they validate an exact match for:
    • Company name, address, zip code
    • Department name, account number, invoice number, dollar amount
    • Limitations or fees when accepting card

If we need additional information to enroll or process a payment we will reach out to you for verification. 

If you have a strategic vendor you would like us to white glove enroll we are happy to do it. 

Enrollments such as these can be completed in real time, just let us know how we can help. 

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