Processing Virtual Credit Cards via Stripe

Received or want to receive a virtual card payment, but don't currently have a merchant service provider? 

Viewpost has an integration with Stripe that can help you accept payments quickly and easily. 

3 Steps: 

1) Register 

  • Click on your invitation from Viewpost to register an account. 
  • Once you are registered, click on Payment Methods. 
  • Select 'Enroll to Accept Credit Cards' and fill out the registration form. 

2) Select the customers you are willing to accept credit card payments from:

  • Select the Network Tab
  • Select the Company Name of the Customer you wish to include
  • Select the 3 dots next to the Customer entry
  • Select 'Edit'
  • Check the box to 'Accept Credit Card Payments' from this customer and 'Update'

3) Navigate to 

  • Select Payments
  • Select New
  • Select More Options
  • Enter Card details you received in 





The first payment may take a few days to settle in your bank account. 

Subsequent payments should arrive within 2-3 business days. 

Each time you receive a virtual card payment, log in to and repeat the steps above. 




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