Email Addresses for Vendors

What email address does Viewpost use?

We use the email address you provide us to initially contact the vendor. If you do not provide an email address we use secure methods to contact the correct AR department or individual.

If the vendor is registered on Viewpost, all other payment notifications and status updates will be sent to that email address.

If the vendor becomes enrolled in the Virtual Card program and requests payment delivery to a specific processing email address, we can honor that email in addition to the original.

How do I update an email address?

If you need to update a vendor’s email address, please do so in your accounting package and then upload that information to Viewpost.

If you see that a vendor is already registered and connected on Viewpost, they will need to update the information on the Viewpost system. This usually occurs when the individual that set up the Viewpost account is no longer with the company, or has taken on a new role. Have them reach out to us, or forward us the email exchange so we may assist them in making a secure update.

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