Email Addresses for Vendors

What email address does Viewpost use for enrollment?

We use the email address you provide us to initially contact the vendor.

If you do not provide an email address we use proprietary methods to research and contact the correct AR department and individual.

What email does Viewpost use for payment notifications? 

After we have spoken with the vendor, and learn their payment preference, we enroll them in the product of their choice.

  • Virtual Card- Depending on their AR structure, merchant service provider, and payment processing tier within Viewpost a vendor may request payment notifications for VCC arrive to a different email address than your direct contact. This email address is only used for VCC processing via Viewpost, and does not affect your vendor contact information, which still may appear on the Network
  • ACH (Fee or Free)- The vendor registers on Viewpost. You can see they are registered, connected, and view the email address they registered with on the Network Tab. All payment notifications and status updates will be sent to that email.
  • Paper Check - If you include the email address for the vendor, or they register to view remittance information, you will be able to see this email on the Network Tab. 

How do I update an email address?

If you need to update a vendor’s email address:

  • Before they are enrolled in Viewpost, please do so in your accounting package and then upload that information to Viewpost.
  • After they are enrolled in VCC, or registered and connected for ACH they will need to update the information on the Viewpost system. You can reach out to us via the Assist Vendor button on the Network tab, or by emailing our Support Team.

Common use cases: An individual that set up the Viewpost account is no longer with the company, or has taken on a new role, the accounting department has changed processes, they switch from one payment type to another.

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