Electronic Payment Didn't Arrive

Payment issues usually arise when a vendor closed or changed their bank account.

Payment issues come to our attention via communication from you, your vendor, or the banks.

Regardless of how the payment issues surfaces we want you and your vendors to have impeccable service.  

Payment methods are determined by the vendor. 

ACH- If an ACH payment is not delivered to your vendor the bank notifies us.  

Our support team reaches out same day to advise the vendor their bank returned funds.  

If the vendor does not respond within 3 business days the payment is routed as a paper check and the vendor can update their banking information at any time.  

ICL or Virtual Card - If these payments have not arrived, the bank may still have possession of the funds, or they may have returned them directly to your bank.

Paper- If a paper check is not cashed within 30 days, we follow up with the vendor:  

  • Make certain the address is correct and the payment has been received 
  • If it has not been received, needs to be resent or the address needs to be updated we do that. 
  • If the payment has been received and the vendor has chosen not to cash it, we ask if they are able to cash it, and reconcile any balances with you directly 

Please reach out to us so we may assist you in discovery and resolution.



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