Vendor FAQ

Vendor FAQ

Viewpost has partnered with your customer for payment processing. 

This transition should be seamless. The change will simplify your processes, provide you with a faster more secure payment solution.

Q: What does Viewpost do?

A: Viewpost processes payments for your customer.

You can receive payments via:

  • One time use Virtual Cards
  • ACH
  • Paper check

You will always receive remittance data via mail, or email to reconcile your records.

Q: How do I get started?

A: Work with the Accounting Team at the customer paying you via Viewpost to mark your preferred method of payment. You will receive an invitation via Viewpost to register. To add your bank account, you may have to register and verify test deposits. Final verification steps include confirming accuracy and security of your information. You may receive follow up calls and or emails in order to confirm your preferences and account details.

If you are taking over an account from someone else, or have not received the invitation, please reach out to 


Q: How do I get to select a payment type?

A: If you are a long standing vendor you will receive communication about the transition. If you are a new vendor, you will receive Viewpost as an option when setting up your vendor information.

  • Virtual card- if you accept virtual card, you will be asked:
    • What email address you would like to receive payment information
    • If there are any fees or dollar limitations when accepting cards
    • Do you process cards yourself
  • ACH- payments are offered, usually at a 1% fee, and require you add your banking information on Viewpost.
  • Paper checks -are delivered to any company that has not registered a bank account, acknowledged they accept virtual card, or been able to be contacted.


Q: How long do payments take?

A: Payments are initiated by your customer’s accounting team. Viewpost begins the payment process as soon as payment is created.

  • Virtual Card- For each payment you will receive a unique single use card number, payment amount and remittance data. Once you receive payment instructions you can process cards immediately
  • ACH- usually arrive within 3 business days. Please make certain your bank account information is updated for accurate arrival.
  • Paper checks -are delivered via USPS with no tracking information. Paper checks normally arrive within 7 business days. Please make certain your delivery address is updated for proper delivery.


Q: What will it cost me?

A: Viewpost fees vary based on payment type. Viewpost fees are most commonly incurred for receiving ACH payments. Non-Viewpost merchant service fees for processing virtual cards are rated and collected by your merchant service provider. For more details please visit:


Q: Is Viewpost exclusive to my customer?

A: No. Viewpost delivers payments to many vendors, in varied industries. You may work with more than one customer that uses Viewpost, but each one will reach out to you directly to let you know preferred payment methods.



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