Portal or Corporate Account

We have updated the Viewpost website. 

If you were invited to Viewpost to transact with an enterprise company, and that is all you do, your account may have been transitioned to a portal account. 

You should be able to view your payments, invoices, remittance data, download and print.  

If you only transact with one company on Viewpost, you do not need to sign up for anything else.

Your account is functional and free in a new streamlined view. 

This is what portal looks like: 


 The menus and options pertain only to what you do on Viewpost. Simple and easy to use!



The settings are succinct and only present what you need.


What if I want to do more? 

If you have found the great value of Viewpost and want to transact with other companies you may subscribe to a Corporate Account at any time.



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