Email Notification for Account Changes

Thank you for using Viewpost.

We are enacting a subscription model, and Viewpost will be $14.99 a month. 

If you have an account configured for the fee, you will be receiving tailored communication via email over the next few months as we implement a tiered approach to outreach and account pricing for existing users. Most accounts are receiving 60 days notice with 3 email notifications.

You will not be auto charged any fees. You will actively have to accept the fees, and enter credit card information when logging in to Viewpost.

You will still have access to your invoice, payment, and network information.

You will receive the option to subscribe to the account experience you have been using, or switch to a 'portal' experience with limited functionality.

If you opt-out of the subscription experience, or do nothing, your ability to transact via Viewpost will be impacted the date that subscription for your account type is activated. 

For your convenience, all of your historical data will still be available on the website.

Once you subscribe, your network connections will most likely be transitioned to a 'portal' experience and have a free functioning experience.

Viewpost subscription includes:

  • Sending unlimited invoices
  • Invoice tracking
  • Sending payments (electronic and paper)
  • Routing and approvals
  • Unlimited users
  • Receiving payments

Yes, Direct Pay was $10.00 and Express Invoicing and other services are comparable.

Viewpost’s $14.99 fee is competitive in the industry.

For comparison, just view a few competitors:


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