Banker Frequently Asked Questions

Viewpost is a quick automated enrollment process. 

The best way to get the most out of Viewpost is to determine if it is the best fit before enrollment. 

Get to know what Viewpost does/doesn't do then assess whether we are the best fit. 

Who is Viewpost best for: 

  • Companies receiving payments (Property Managers, Residential Service Providers, Transporters) 
  • Companies making payment (Paying Independent Contractors, Distributors, Franchises) 

How do electronic payments work?   

  • Not all banks are eligible for electronic payments via Viewpost, and paper check will be the only option.
  • For those that are both parties need to be registered and connected on Viewpost
    • Once your client registers they can invite the other company to register by going to the Network Tab and 'Adding New Company' to invite them to join Viewpost. 
  • Both parties register their respective bank accounts  
  • Payment timelines depend on the receiving bank which can vary days 
  • Payments submitted to companies or people not registered on Viewpost will go as paper checks  
  • We do not yet support the ability to enter someone else’s routing and account number and push an ACH like Direct Pay  
    • Credit card payments are available through an integration with Stripe

What does Viewpost not do?  

  • Internal Transfers between savings and checking accounts, family accounts
  • International payments (Domestic Only)
  • Wires with guaranteed delivery date 
  • Payroll  (withholdings)
  • Push or Pull ACH- Entering the other company's routing and account number 
  • Bill pay for electronic payments to unregistered users
  • Add a button to a website for click and pay

Referral expectation:  

  • You will receive credit if your client self enrolls. 
  • If you submit a lead, you should receive a confirmation email. Our agents work on leads in the order in which they are received.  
  • Provide quality information with your lead makes qualifying swifter and easier. Provide: Company Name, Email Address, Contact Person, Phone Number
  • The ideal client is a medium size business sending payments to other businesses in the US. 

What Accounting Packages or import options are available?  

  • Have your client reach out to support, so we may discuss the features and functionalities of our Sync products.

Payment Tips:  

  • If a customer needs to stop an electronic payment, they need to stop payment with the bank. The check number, payee, and dollar amount are available to them on the Viewpost website.  Most electronic payments to Bank of America accounts are Image Cash Letter payments, which is similar to stopping a paper check. 
  • If a payment is returned, please check with both banks for reasoning. If a payment failed for any reason it would need to be reissued. Viewpost does not retry payments



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