Address Book Import Field Requirements

The Address Book File Import adds and/or updates records in Viewpost.  Once connected on Viewpost, these companies can interact with you on Viewpost and payments can be securely sent and received.  You can use your own CSV file containing company information or you can use the Address Book template provided by Viewpost.   The fields must meet the formats as indicated in the PDF document attached to this article.

Requirements / Suggestions

  • Import only “active” customers and vendors.
  • Import the “Bill To” customer address if “Bill To” versus “Ship To” customer addresses differ.  Import the “Remit To” vendor address.
  • Each company requires a unique Address Book ID.
  • Only import companies you wish to transact with on Viewpost.


  • Mal-formed email addresses will cause the record to fail. All emails must be in the format
  • Only 1 email address is allowed per company.
  • Address Book ID is a non-displayed value. It is used as the unique identifier to link each company to your source accounting package and to associated documents on Viewpost and to prevent duplicate companies during your subsequent updates for the company or documents/invoices you may import.
  • Existing company details will be over-written by new information each import.
  • No communications to the companies are provided based on this import file alone.
  • Once imported, companies can be manually invited to connect with you on


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