Bank of America Sign On

Welcome to Viewpost. We are so glad you are here. 

As a Bank of America customer you have a unique experience. You may connect to Viewpost directly through your Bank of America online banking. Just follow the short steps below: 

1) Log in to Your Bank of America Business Banking account. Navigate to Business Services. Locate the Viewpost section and select 'Learn More'. 

2) Select 'Enroll in Viewpost Now' 

3) Viewpost will ask which bank account you would like to process Viewpost transactions with. Select one, you will have the opportunity to change or add others later.

4) You will be directed to the Viewpost website to complete registration. If you already have an account, simply 'Log In'. 

5) You will then go through a swift registration process, entering company information and validating which bank accounts you would like to use. 

6) Secure your account, and add the authorized signer's signature. 

8) Your Bank of America account is now linked to Viewpost. Please let us know if you have any questions. 



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