Dynamic Discounting for Dynamics GP Users

Step 1: Create a Discount Table
1.  Click on your company name in Viewpost.com, Company Settings, and then Early Pay Settings.
2.  Turn on and label your first discount table and set your discount rate.  This is the percentage you
     save based on the invoice age at the time of early payment.  You may also set a discount floor to
     prevent early payments that do not meet your minimum threshold.
3.  Determine which vendors you would like to include/exclude for early payment.
4.  Save changes.
5.  You may choose to setup multiple discount tables to tailor the discount required for early
     payment to specific vendors or groups. 
Step 2: Define Your Viewpost Sync Sequence
Vendors benefit from discounting when there is time between the date that their invoice is uploaded to
Viewpost and the date that the invoice is due. It is important to consider timing when you sync data to
Viewpost to provide your vendors with the opportunity to request early payment.  It is also important
to consider the timing between when payments are made for early payment requests in Viewpost and
payment batches you create in GP.  The recommended steps below ensure you do not post payments
that were already paid on your behalf.
Recommended daily sync sequence:
1.  Include Viewpost payments in your positive pay file (same day)
2.  Sync payments made in Viewpost to GP (to sync early payment remittance to the appropriate
3.  Post synced payments (from step 1) in to GP to update GL and vendor payable balance
4.  Sync payables to Viewpost (to update Viewpost status and send new invoices to the network)
Recommended payments sequence(3+ times a week):
1.  Complete recommended daily sync sequence
2.  Create a payment batch in GP to include all open payables due within three days
3.  Sync your payment batch to Viewpost
4.  Sync payables to Viewpost again to update payable balance
Step 3: Consider Positive Pay
Be sure to sync Viewpost payments to GP on the same day Viewpost makes payment on early payment
requests. Include these pay ments in your positive pay file.
Alternatively, consider opening a new disbursement bank account and fund it with VPX eligible money.
Do not add this account to the positive pay file. This allows payments to be made in Viewpost
immediately without the risk of positive pay failure or return due to a time delay.
Step 4: Identify the Correct GL for Discounts
The Viewpost Sync Agent requires that valid, active posting GL accounts that allow account entry are
assigned to the Discounts Available and Discounts Taken accounts in Posting Accounts Setup for the
Purchasing series.  See pages 24-27 in the GP Sync “Getting Started Guide.”
Step 5: Live Test with Viewpost!
1.  Ensure that Viewpost is eligible for discounts within the your discount table
2.  Create a bill in Dynamics GP for Viewpost North America, LLC. Sync the bill to Viewpost.
    (Or Approve and sync bill received from Viewpost North America from VP to GP)
3.  Viewpost will request early payment and you will receive a notification that the early payment
    was sent.
4.  Sync remittance data back into GP, post batch and confirm that the data is successfully
    distributed to your discount GL.
5.  Include Viewpost payment in positive pay file (same day).

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