Auto Pay

The best way to automate invoices and payments is to have:

  • The customer set up Auto Pay 
  • The vendor set up Recurring Invoices (See Link Below) 

Enroll in Auto Pay to automatically pay bills you receive via Viewpost, or send a recurring payment on a set date. There is no additional fee for auto pay.

Set up Auto Pay for your vendors by following the short steps below: 

1) Add Auto Pay from the Payment Confirmation Page, after you have paid a bill,


OR Under the Payments Tab

2) Choose Add Auto Pay to view short form. 

3) Select

  • Company
  • Balance Due or Set Amount (Ex. balance due on an invoice, or $100) 
  • Check Box to pay any overdue bills today
  • Choose the Pay by Date: Either the due date on the invoice, or another date of your choosing.(Ex. A Bill of any amount is due by the 1st of the month, or I want to send $100 on the 26th of every month)  *Keep in mind, the funds will be removed days beforehand to accommodate for bank processing time. *
  • Select the bank account you would like funds to come out of
  • Choose how long you would like Auto Payments to continue



4) Select how long you would like Auto Pay to generate for, by choosing a specific date or until 'I cancel automatic payments'. Select Save.


4) You will see confirmation of the companies you have added to Auto Pay. You will be able to view Next Payment Date and Next Payment Amount when they are available.

 5) You may Edit or Cancel Auto Pay for a company you have enrolled. You MUST cancel all scheduled payments (not just cancel Auto Pay). Re-enabling Auto Pay will not retroactively pay bills. 

Navigate to Payments>Auto Pay.

Select the three dots to the far right of that vendor name. 

Select Stop. 

To make certain this worked, please navigate to Payments>Scheduled and make sure there are no payments scheduled. 



To set up auto pay you need to be:

  • Registered for Viewpost
  • Have an active bank account registered

When will the money leave my account? 

  • Funds will be removed from your bank account days beforehand to account for bank processing time. 

*Overdue invoices will not be included in Auto Pay, and need to be paid through the traditional payment process. 

Click here to learn about Recurring Invoices. 

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