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Our Header and sub-headers will allow you to navigate Viewpost seamlessly. 

When you first log in to Viewpost, you will land on the Dashboard. From there you may select any of our features of functions. 

Dashboard- will present summaries of recent transactions and account activity, as well as recommending next actions. 

Invoices- shows all the invoices you have created or sent. You may create invoices, review drafts, or schedule recurring invoices.

Bills- shows all of your bills, statements, early payment requests, and items you have queued up to pay.

  • Inbox shows all your new bills until you take action on them.
  • List shows all of your bills as you approve and pay them. 
  • Statements show all your monthly statements for companies that implement this feature. 
  • Early Pay Requests shows discounting opportunities as they are enabled. 
  • Payment Queue shows the bills you have chosen to pay and the date you are paying them. 

Payments- shows you all your payments, the dates, the amounts, and the payment method. 

  • Sent
  • Received

Network- shows you the companies you are connected to, and allows you to invite companies to join Viewpost. Being connected means you can transact easily on Viewpost.

  • Search Box allows you to connect to a company already on Viewpost. 
  • Add New Company to invite a company to transact with you on Viewpost. 
  • Status
    • Connected means you are good to go
    • Re-invite or Re-send means you are waiting for the other company to accept your request. 
    • Invite means you have created a company in your address book on Viewpost but have not invited them yet. 

  Click on the ? symbol to find answers to many questions in our Help Center. 

   Click on the bell symbol to accomplish small task quickly, like accepting a connection request. 

Company Name- contains a drop down menu with all your company and personalized settings. 

  • Personal Settings allows you to update your password, enable security features, and select email preferences. 
  • Company Settings allows you to update your company information, add users, and set up a discount table. 
  • Payment Methods is where you add and manage checking accounts or enable credit card payments. 
  • Fees is where your can view your Viewpost fees. 
  • Reports allows you to export and print listings of all your open bills or invoices. 

Sync- is the place you can see the accounting packages we integrate with, read our Getting Started Guides, and download the Sync products. 

File Import- importing your address book to Viewpost via an Excel spreadsheet. 

Switch Companies- is a feature created for companies with multiple locations that operate independently. Selecting Switch Companies allows you to toggle between your separate locations to complete functions easily. 

Log Out- Thank you for using Viewpost. Have a wonderful day! 

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