QuickBooks Modification to Support Customers with Multiple Locations

If you have multiple customers in your QuickBooks file due to multiple locations and they are all associated with a single Viewpost Connection, you will need to change the multiple location/customers to jobs under a single Customer in order to be able to send the invoices from all locations through Viewpost.  The steps to customize your client list to sync accurately are:

1.  Go to the Customer Center in QuickBooks

2.  Create a Customer that identifies the Connected Customer on Viewpost (Example: Florida Hospital)

3.  In the Customer Center, you should see a diamond to the left of the existing location customer name (Example: Florida Hospital Altamonte).  Grab the diamond to the left of the customer name and drag it to the right to indent the name and turn it into a job.  Then grab it again and drag it below the Customer created in step 2.

Your customer center look similar to the list below, though your customer jobs might be named differently.


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