URL Remittance Landing Page

We will start utilizing a URL remittance landing page which will have the full remittance listed for your vendors.



  • Keeping cost down by limiting number of printed pages
  • Customizable by vendor with the ability to turn off this feature for specific vendors.


  • The ability to download their full remittance,  which is easily ingested into accounting packages

Vendor Experience

  • Paper Check including remittance that fits in a #10 envelope will be delivered 1st class mail
  • Instructions on the paper check indicates that the remainder of remittance can be accessed online
    • The Viewpost URL will be printed on the top right corner- https://app.viewpost.com/remittance 
    • The vendor will enter the secure code that is listed
      • The code is valid for 30 days
    • Option to download the remittance/attachments in a customized form

How it will look:

The check remittance:

When you visit the URL you will be requested to enter the code:

After entering the code the full remittance advice will be listed along with the option to Download the remittance:


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