User Permissions

If you have multiple individuals in your company that need access to invoices and payments, this article is for you.

Adding users to your Viewpost account allows each individual access to the features and functions they need most.

Group Assignments

  • Admin (Includes all permissions) 
  • A/P
  • A/R
  • Customize Group (Create customized group assignments pertinent to your business. Create a Group by Selecting Company Settings> Groups>Add Group>Name the Group>Select Permissions)



  • Modify Company Settings– Ability to make changes to options within the 'Company Settings' page (includes address/phone/fax/website/approvals/auto-create invoice preference/payment application) and 'Manage Payment Methods' page
  • Modify Users and Groups– Ability to invite employees and create groups within the application
  • Override Approval Workflows– Ability to approve and dispute invoices outside of the normal workflow process
  • React to Disputes- Ability to respond to disputed invoices
  • Unvoid Checks– Ability to unvoid checks voided on Viewpost
  • Unvoid Invoices– Ability to unvoid invoices created via Viewpost
  • Void Checks– Ability to void any checks created via Viewpost
  • Void Invoices – Ability to void invoices on Viewpost


  • Approve Bills– Ability for a web user to approve, link/unlink, dispute, reject and comment on documents in the AP Inbox
  • Create Check(including early payment)–  Ability to create a check (payment) via the payment queue, or Viewpost Digital Checkbook, need “Sign Check” permission to send the payment
  • Map GL Accounts- Ability for QuickBooks users to Map and Merge invoices from the AP Inbox
  • Modify Bills– Ability to link/unlink, void/unvoid and comment on approved documents in the AP list views and AP Inbox.
  • Modify Early Payment Settings– Ability to create and modify discount tables
  • Sign Check (including early payment)– Ability to send check; User needs “Create Check” permission to create the check (payment)
  • View Fees– Ability to view the fees tab in Company Settings


  • Modify Credit Memos (Vendor Created) - Credit memo permissions follow the same as invoices
  • Modify Invoices- Ability for a web-only user to accept, link/unlink and comment on documents in the AR inbox and AR list views; also includes the ability to create a receivable invoice
  • Record Payments- Ability to apply payment received to invoices
  • Request Early Payment- Ability to request early payment


  • Manage Connections– Ability to edit/update the demographics of trading partners in the company's address book (via the address book, payment queue/digital checkbook, invoice creation)
  • Manage Contacts– Ability for a web-only user to add contacts to their address book (via the address book, payment queue/digital checkbook, invoice creation)

For Discounting

  • Permission required to view the Discounting page: NONE
  • Permission required to edit the Discount Tables: Modify Early Payment Settings
  • Permission required to edit auto payment functionality: Create Check (else, disable element)
  • Permission required to request early payment: Request Early Payment

Click here to learn how to add a user. 

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