User Permissions

Adding users to your Viewpost account allows each individual access to the features and functions they need most.

Group Assignments

  • Admin (Includes all permissions) 
  • A/P
  • A/R
  • Customize Group (Create customized group assignments pertinent to your business. Create a Group by Selecting Company Settings> Groups>Add Group>Name the Group>Select Permissions)



  • Modify Company Settings– Ability to make changes to options within the 'Company Settings' page (includes address/phone/fax/website/approvals/auto-create invoice preference/payment application) and 'Manage Payment Methods' page
  • Modify Users and Groups– Ability to invite employees and create groups within the application
  • Override Approval Workflows– Ability to approve and dispute invoices outside of the normal workflow process
  • React to Disputes- Ability to respond to disputed invoices
  • Unvoid Checks– Ability to unvoid checks voided on Viewpost
  • Unvoid Invoices– Ability to unvoid invoices created via Viewpost
  • Void Checks– Ability to void any checks created via Viewpost
  • Void Invoices – Ability to void invoices on Viewpost


  • Approve Bills– Ability for a web user to approve, link/unlink, dispute, reject and comment on documents in the AP Inbox
  • Create Check(including early payment)–  Ability to create a check (payment) via the payment queue, or Viewpost Digital Checkbook, need “Sign Check” permission to send the payment
  • Map GL Accounts- Ability for QuickBooks users to Map and Merge invoices from the AP Inbox
  • Modify Bills– Ability to link/unlink, void/unvoid and comment on approved documents in the AP list views and AP Inbox.
  • Modify Early Payment Settings– Ability to create and modify discount tables
  • Sign Check (including early payment)– Ability to send check; User needs “Create Check” permission to create the check (payment)
  • View Fees– Ability to view the fees tab in Company Settings


  • Modify Credit Memos (Vendor Created) - Credit memo permissions follow the same as invoices
  • Modify Invoices- Ability for a web-only user to accept, link/unlink and comment on documents in the AR inbox and AR list views; also includes the ability to create a receivable invoice
  • Record Payments- Ability to apply payment received to invoices
  • Request Early Payment- Ability to request early payment


  • Manage Connections– Ability to edit/update the demographics of trading partners in the company's address book (via the address book, payment queue/digital checkbook, invoice creation)
  • Manage Contacts– Ability for a web-only user to add contacts to their address book (via the address book, payment queue/digital checkbook, invoice creation)

For Discounting

  • Permission required to view the Discounting page: NONE
  • Permission required to edit the Discount Tables: Modify Early Payment Settings
  • Permission required to edit auto payment functionality: Create Check (else, disable element)
  • Permission required to request early payment: Request Early Payment

Click here to learn how to add a user. 

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