How Do I Change my Bank Account?

Follow the short steps below to replace a bank account you have registered with another one.

Please note it won't let you Edit any of the existing banking information.

Even if it is only a change in routing number, you will need to Add A New Account, and Delete the Old One. 

To add the new account:

  1. Log into Viewpost
  2. Select Company Name on top right
  3. Select Payment Methods (you will see your existing bank account listed there) 
  4. Select 'Add' to enter your checking account information
  5. After the new bank account is verified, select 'Modify Defaults'
  6. Update the defaults to reflect the new account
    • If you do not see 'Modify Defaults' your first bank account may be locked, or inactive.
    • If you added the new bank account, but did not update the defaults, payments may not process
    • If you receive rebates and the account number is different from your default receiving bank account please advise our Customer support to assist with making this update on your behalf.

To remove a bank account in Viewpost follow the steps below: 

  1. Select your Company Name
  2. Select Payment Methods
  3. Select Edit next to the bank account you want to delete
  4. Select 'Delete or Disable Account' then Update Account
    • Delete- never intend to use again
    • Disable- don't want to use right now

An Inactive account cannot be used for sending or receiving payments.

All pending or scheduled payments associated with this account will be canceled.

In addition, any active Early Pay requests will also be canceled.

To re-enable a disabled bank account follow the steps below:

  1. To view the bank account check the 'Include Inactive Accounts' box. 
  2. Select Edit next to the bank account you want to re-enable
  3. Select Enable Account and Update Account
    • Remember to Modify Defaults as noted above

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