Viewpost Inbox

What is Viewpost Inbox?

A single place for receiving invoice documents via email from any supplier to have them uploaded (manually or automated) to Viewpost as payment-ready bills. Simply create your custom Viewpost email address and share it with your suppliers and colleagues to begin collecting invoice documents in your Inbox. Share this email address with your colleagues too so everyone at your company can forward invoices to your Inbox. You can choose to view the invoices and enter bill details yourself in Viewpost at no cost, or automate the bill processing for a small monthly fee. Either way, Viewpost Inbox is an efficient way to process and manage your bills.

How do  I sign up? Sign up on the Bills page, or under Company Settings. 


Can I use this email to respond back to emails? No. This email is solely used for receiving invoices via Viewpost. 

What does it cost to sign up? Manual verification of the bills is free. Automated verification of the bills does have a minimal cost. (See Automation fees Below) 

What is bill automation?  What is bill automation? Bill automation means that the bills that come to your Viewpost Inbox email address, will be automatically entered in less than 24 hours for your final approval.

*Automated inbox functionality is not be available to all user types. If you do not see automation as an option, your Viewpost account may not be eligible.

How much does automation cost?

Log in to your Viewpost account to view fees and pricing. 


To enable this feature follow the steps below: 

  1. Enable Viewpost Inbox
  2. If your company name is available, we will suggest it, but create what you like. (Keep in mind the email you select is not editable after choosing, so choose wisely)
  3. Once it is set up, you can receive invoices at the email address. 

We can send an email notify your trading partners that you are accepting bills from your Viewpost email address and ask them to send invoices at your email address.





When you receive a new invoice:

  • You will receive an email notification that a new invoice awaits you on Viewpost
  • Once you log in, click on Bills>List.
    • If you are manually entering the bills, items sent to the inbox email will have a status of 'Action Required'.
    • If you have automation enabled, the status will show 'Processing'. 


From here you will enter the bill details to Viewpost, and save or pay the bill(s).



Automation enabled bills will have a status of Processing


Total File Size Limit

  • 25 MB
  • up to 10 attachments (each one a max of 5MB)

The file types supported for import are: 


How do I turn off bill automation or disable Viewpost Inbox? 



*You are not charged for rejected and partial bills

**This email address is solely for Invoice inbox items and cannot be used for other messaging. 

***You may delete/reject any invoice in your Viewpost Inbox up until the time you approve it. 

****You may disable the inbox email address, and re-enable it any time. Subscription selections will be treated as new enrollment. 

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