Recurring Invoices

The best way to automate invoices and payments for set dollar amounts is to have:

  • The vendor set up Recurring Invoices
  • The customer set up Auto Pay 

Viewpost makes sending invoices easy with Recurring Invoices, and automatic payments seamless with Auto Pay. 

Any time you create an invoice Viewpost gives you the option to make it 'Recurring'.

To create a Recurring Invoice

  • Navigate to Invoices
  • Create Invoice
  • Save & Preview

Once you have created a draft invoice you will see the option to make it Recurring on the right hand panel. 


Create the recurrence to be every day, week, two weeks, or month.

Decide the end number of occurrences you would like. (Ex. Send every month for 12 occurrences = a year) 



After you have created a Recurring Invoice, you may view it or make changes. 


  • You may
    • Edit
    • Delete 
    • Pause
      • Resuming the recurrence will show the next date scheduled date to send.

Click here to learn about Auto Pay. 


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