Why Did I Get Invited to Viewpost and What Can I Do?

You were invited by a company through a payment, invoice, or invitation. If you don't recognize the company who invited you, or have received a transaction not intended for you, please reach out to the company who sent it. 

If you were invited by a company you normally do business with you may take advantage of all of our services, regardless of how or why you were invited:

  • Sending or receiving electronic invoices
  • Sending or receiving electronic payments

The company that invited you to join Viewpost may support limited capabilities:

  • Show you the status of your invoice but not send you the invoice via Viewpost.
  • Show you a payment has been sent, though they are still sending you payments from their corporate offices. 
  • Send you a payment, though you are hand delivering invoices, as you always have. 

Companies can select which Viewpost features and functions they wish to offer and support. Often times they are selective out of reverence for their customers and vendors.

Implementing a new process in phases is often more amenable, allowing time to acclimate, and adjust to new processes.


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