Which payments can I send?

In order for payments to be sent using Viewpost Sync for use with QuickBooks, each payment must meet a few criteria:

  • Payments must be entered in QuickBooks
  • Payment date is within the past 7 days
  • Payments are Checks (not Credit Card payments)
  • Payments have “Print Later” or “To be printed” selected
  • Payments are associated with active bank accounts

To send a payment via Viewpost, check the check box, and then click Send Payments.


To Schedule Payments: 

  • On the Sync Agent, select Bills and Import Bills from QuickBooks to Viewpost
  • On Viewpost, schedule the payment in the Payment Queue. 
  • After the scheduled date has passed and the payment has been made, you can Sync the payment in to QuickBooks. 
  • On the Sync Agent, select Payments and Import Payments from Viewpost to QuickBooks. 

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