Two-Step Verification or Security Questions

You can choose from:

  • Two-Step Verification (A one use code sent to the cell phone number registered each time you log in)
  • Security Questions- 3 in Total (Who was your favorite third grade teacher?) 

With two-step verification you increase security by requiring something that you know (username and password) and something that you have (your mobile phone) whenever you login from a new device. 

How does two step work? 

  • Sign in: After entering your username and password, a code will be sent via text message to the mobile phone you entered when you registered.
  • Keep it simple: You can choose to enter the code once per computer, or every time you sign in. *A message will appear at sign in where you can select, "Don't ask me again on this device." Each code is one time use, and not valid for subsequent log ins. 
  • Account security: We'll ask you to enter a code when you try to sign in to your account from another computer or location.
  • What if I don't have my phone or the code isn't arriving? If you no longer have the device that is listed, or do not have access to it, contact Customer Support so we can send it to the email you have on file. 

 If you want to disable one, you need to enable the other first. 

Both options are available during registration or on Personal Settings at any time. 



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