Viewpost Cost and Fees

Viewpost has a variety of account structures, and pricing varies.  

Fees are based on: 

  • How you came to join Viewpost (via an invitation bank or other enrollment) 
  • The companies/individuals you are doing business with (Corporate clients, versus independent contractors)  
  • Optional features and functions (discounting, consumer payments, accepting credit cards)   
  • Some accounts have a monthly fee of $14.99 paid via credit card. This fee is not included or offset by any bank institution fees.  
  • Transaction fees may occur at the time of the transaction (% fees for enterprise payments received, or merchant service fees)  
  • Or be billed around the first of the month, for the month prior (Payments sent to businesses or received from consumers) 
  • Subscription fees are billed to a credit card you entered.  
  • Transaction fees billed in arrears are auto paid out of the bank account you registered on Viewpost. 

View our terms and conditions for additional information. 

  • *A payment can appear successfully sent on Viewpost and still not process correctly from the bank. Processing fees will still be incurred.  
  • *Viewpost does not retry payments automatically that fail. You must manually retry.  
  • *Viewpost does not reimburse any banking institution fees, or merchant fees associated with payment returns. 
  • *Non-payment of monthly, or transaction fees can result in suspension or termination of Viewpost services.  

Your Viewpost fees are always visible here: 





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