Unapplied Payments

Unapplied does not mean a payment is delayed being deposited in to your bank account. 

An unapplied payment is a payment that should have been coupled with an invoice, but was not connected to settle it. 

Remittance advice refers to the invoices your customer intends to settle with a payment. One payment may be for multiple invoices, or only partially paying one.

Will my payment be delayed until I 'apply' the remittance advice? 

No. Don't worry. The payment will be processed regardless. You can sort through the details and apply the remittance advice when you have time.  

How do I apply remittance advice?

To apply remittance advice, or to see how payments have been applied.

  • Go to the Payments Tab
  • Select Received

  • Select the Reference # for a payment.
  • There you may see 2 sub tabs: 
    • Remittance Advice - these are the invoices your customer intends to pay. 
    • Payment Application - this is how payment actually impacts the balances of your invoices. Here, you see the Unapplied amount and are able to record your payments and discounts.
    • Enter the $ amounts you were paid for each invoice. Then 'Save'. Once the invoice $ amount matches the total $ amount received the payment will be 'Applied'.


What if I don't see remittance advice?

There are a couple of reasons you may not see remittance. 

  • There is no remittance advice associated with a payment. A payment may have been made with no invoice to reference. 
  • The sender sent the payment without including details.

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