How Can I Get Paid Early?

Need to get paid early? Willing to take a discount for the convenience?

Viewpost has the solution for you: Discounts 

  • Your Customer may offer early payment
  • You may request it

If your customer offers early payment, you will receive an email indicating eligible invoices. 

Log in to Viewpost and select Invoices>Get Paid Early to view approved invoices, at recommended discount percentages and request. 

Or ask to 'Get Paid Early' on an invoice (before or after sending it).

You do not need to accept a discount, just because it was offered to you. 

If you have no interest in receiving offers, remove those email offers in your email preferences.

  • Select Personal Settings
  • Email Preferences
  • Uncheck the box that says Early Pay Notifications


If you do not get these emails, and do not take action on them, the discount will diminish and your customer should pay the full amount on the due date.

Payment timelines will be consistent after the payment was initiated. This feature is to expedite payment terms only. (Ex. You have an invoice due in 30 days, your customer can pay you on the 10 day at a lesser amount. This is similar to 2/10 net 30 if you are familiar with that)

When creating an invoice the option to add a discount is on the second screen.

1) Create an invoice, select 'Save & Preview' 



2. Turn on Early Pay Discount. Use the % or sliding scale to set the terms you want to offer your customer, and send the invoice. VPX_Vendor_3.jpg

3. After you have sent the invoice, you will see requests differentiated on the list view. 


Sent an invoice with agreed upon terms, but need the money sooner?

Ask for early payment, by logging in to Viewpost and following the steps below:

  1. Select Invoices
  2. Select Get Paid Early
  3. Select the invoices you want to get paid early on, one or many


      4. Your customer receives notification you would like to get paid early. 

  • They have approx. 72 to take advantage of the offer.
  • The customer does not have to take advantage of the offer. Every customer has the autonomy to pay anytime, regardless of requests, or terms. 

      5. When you receive payment, early or on the invoice due date you will receive a payment notification email, and can view payment details on the Payments>Received page. 


** If necessary, you may cancel the request before payment is submitted. **


For customer instructions on creating discount tables click here.

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