What Does the Invoice Status Mean?

On Viewpost, you can see when an invoice has been sent, approved, or scheduled for payment. 

  • 'Sent' means the invoice was sent via email. (Check invoice history for timing details) 
  • 'Closed' means it was paid.
    • All other statuses indicate payment has not yet been made.

 While your invoice transitions from made to paid, you will see one of the following statuses:

  • New- You just created a invoice. Your customer has not received or opened the invoice yet.
  • Undelivered or Draft- Invoice has not been sent. Check the email address you entered and send it. 
  • Sent- You emailed the invoice. It is waiting for your customer to open it. 
  • In Review- Get excited! Your trading partner has now received your invoice and is reviewing it.
  • Approved- Good news; your invoice has been reviewed and the dollar amount was approved. You are one step closer to payment.
  • Scheduled- Your invoice has been scheduled to be paid on a set date. Simply click on your invoice number to view the date payment will be sent.
  • Closed (means Payment Sent)- Invoice is closed. Payment has been made. Woo-hoo


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