What Does the Invoice Status Mean?

On Viewpost, you can see when an invoice has been sent, approved, or scheduled for payment. 

  • 'Sent' means the invoice was sent via email. (Check invoice history for timing details) 
  • 'Closed' means it was paid.
    • All other statuses indicate payment has not yet been made.

 While your invoice transitions from made to paid, you will see one of the following statuses:

  • New- You just created a invoice. Your customer has not received or opened the invoice yet.
  • Undelivered or Draft- Invoice has not been sent. Check the email address you entered and send it. 
  • Sent- You emailed the invoice. It is waiting for your customer to open it. 
  • In Review- Your trading partner has received your invoice via email and is reviewing it.
  • Approved- Good news; your invoice has been reviewed and the dollar amount was approved. You are one step closer to payment.
  • Scheduled- Your invoice has been scheduled to be paid on a set date. Simply click on your invoice number to view the date payment will be sent.
  • Closed (means Payment Sent)- Invoice is closed. Payment has been made. Woo-hoo

 Invoice was paid but didn't close out?

There are two reasons this would happen, and it is a quick fix. 

1) The person didn't pay the invoice and just sent a payment. Sender fixes it by going to the Payments>Sent and 'Apply' the invoice to the payment.
2) The person paid outside of Viewpost and the invoice did not automatically close. Receiver fixes it by going to the Invoice, selecting the 3 dots and Recording Payment. 

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