How Can I Add/Delete a User?

You may have been the first person to find Viewpost, but you will not be the only person who needs to use Viewpost.

User permissions discern AR, AP, and controller administrator functions. 

To add a user simply go to:

  • Your Company Name
  • Select Company Settings
  • Select Users sub-tab
  • Select Add User
  • Assign the appropriate group permissions
  • This will prompt an email invite to the the User where they can create a Viewpost account with their own credentials. 


They will get an email that looks like this, where they can accept your invitation. 


To Delete a User, go to the same place, and select the user's name. 

  • Select the Users Name
  • Uncheck the box that says 'User is active'
  • Confirm


Read about user permissions here.

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