Resending, Invoice Reminders, Share via Email

You may only direct invoices to one email address at first.

After you have sent the invoice you can send it to multiple emails. 

Want to resend an invoice to a customer, or send an invoice to someone else for review? 

To resend an invoice: 

  1. Go to the Invoice List View
  2. Click on the three dot menu.
  3. Select Send Reminder or Share via Email
    1. Send Reminder- Send a reminder to the initial recipient and any other email address you like for payment.
    2. Share via Email - send a PDF copy of this email with anyone. There will not be a link to pay the invoice. 


4. Enter the recipient's email address, and copy yourself if you like.

Viewpost sends out automated reminders, three days before and five days after the invoice due date. 

  • If your invoice is Due Upon Receipt or has terms less than five days these reminders are not applicable
  • They are automated. 
  • There are only two of them. 
  • If your customer paid the invoice outside of our system, yet it still looks open and due on Viewpost, they will get a reminder. 
  • You may 'Record Payment' on an invoice, to prevent this from occurring. 
  • Click here to learn about 'Recording Payment'. 

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