Sending Payments

See the Payment Methods below, and follow the steps to enable the capability.

Payment Methods Payor Register Payee Register Application Required Approximate Timeline
Paper Check Yes No No 5 business days via USPS
Standard Electronic Check Yes Yes No 5 business days
Expedited Electronic Check Yes Yes Yes 1 business day
ACH (Coming Soon) Yes No Yes 3 business days
Credit Card No Yes Yes 1st Payment 10 business days, subsequent payments 3 business days
Virtual Credit Card Yes No Yes Whenever the card is received. Merchant service times do vary

In order to send and receive most Viewpost payments both parties need to:

  • have a bank account verified on Viewpost
  • be connected to each other (Click here to learn more) 

Best way to send a first time ACH

  • Register your account
  • Invite the company/contractor you wish to pay (via Network Tab)
  • They set up their account (which will include banking information)
  • Send the payment (Some banks receive payments same day, some take up to five business days. See details below) 
    • Going forward all payments will be sent electronically at the same delivery time frame as the first


Register a bank account, most domestic bank accounts.

There are two ways to register a bank account: 

  • Log in and Link: There are logos and a search box of banks that allow you to instantly connect your account by entering your log in credentials for your online banking.
  • Manually: Registering your routing and account manually with a 1-2 day registration time. Viewpost sends your bank two small deposits. When you get the deposits, you log in to Viewpost to verify them.  After verification, you will have the same payment capabilities.

Paper Checks are issued to companies that are:

  • Not registered for Viewpost
  • Not bank account verified
  • Not connected to the paying company*

*These checks will be sent to the address you entered on Viewpost.

**Paper checks are delivered via the United States Postal Service and usually arrive within 5-7 days.

Electronic Payments are issued to companies that are:

  • Registered on Viewpost
  • Have an active, verified bank account on Viewpost
  • Connected to the paying company
  • These payments should arrive in 5 business days

How can you tell if the company you are paying is set up properly?

1) See if you are VP Connected and the person is enabled for Electronic Payment


When you submit a payment, there will be messaging that this payment will go electronically, or paper check, along with estimated deliver by date. 'Sending' a payment will send it.


If it says paper and you need the payment to go electronically:

  • Don’t submit the paper check! 
  • Reach out to the company and have them complete account set up
  • Log in to Viewpost to send the payment

Didn’t mean to send a payment?

  • Contact your bank immediately to stop payment
  • Contact us
  • **Voiding a payment on Viewpost voids the record only and DOES NOT stop processing.**


When will the funds leave your account?

  • Paper Checks- After the company receives the payment, and deposits the check. Usually 7-10 days.
  • Electronic Payments- Shortly after submitting the payment. Bank processing times do vary, and payment timelines are dependent on the recipient’s bank. So funds may leave your account, though they are not instantaneously deposited in the recipient’s account. 

When will the funds arrive?

  • Standard payment processing can vary between 1-5 business days.
  • Payment processing times rely on the recipient's bank account. 
  • Does it matter who the recipient banks with? YES. Absolutely. 

Certain banks offer a process called ICL, which stands for Image Cash Letter. 

Image Cash Letter service is an electronic payment process offered by certain banks, on business bank accounts that processes payments within one business day. 

Which banks offer Image Cash Letter? 

  • Bank of America
  • U.S. Bank
  • Fifth Third
  • Regions
  • BB&T

To see if the account is optimized for this service, the recipient should log in to Viewpost, and look at the bank account to see if it says ICL Enabled. This is not a feature they or you can request. Viewpost is integrating with new banks all the time. If the bank is not ICL Enabled, it may be in the future. 


Click here for payment processing timelines. 


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