Address does not match on check

If you are showing a check has been cashed through your bank and the address is showing a Minnesota address (MN) the reason for this is that any time a payment is sent via Virtual Credit Card, the address is to our credit card processing department in Minnesota (MN).

The original electronic check is used to fund the virtual credit card which shows the address of our credit card processor. This creates the virtual credit card payment.

If the card is not charged within 14 days, then it expires and is sent via paper check.

If this is the case then you will show ‘Virtual Card Canceled’ under the payment tracker on Viewpost.

The payment will be sent via paper check with a new reference number to the address you have on file for the vendor via USPS.

To confirm if the paper check was cashed you will show the payment states ‘Payment Posted’ as seen below:


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