QuickBooks Desktop Error QD1502

This error occurs when there are problems connecting with QuickBooks Desktop.  The message "QuickBooks Connection Problem" will be displayed.  Resolution suggestions are provided below.  If a step does not fix the problem, proceed to the next suggestion.

  • Check that QuickBooks is running and the correct Company file is open.  If it is, close the sync agent, restart QuickBooks, open the sync agent and try to sync again. 
  • Check that QuickBooks is in Single-User mode.  If QuickBooks is in multi-user mode, switch to single user mode and try again. (Being in single-user mode is not a requirement for Viewpost, but this step sometimes helps the connection problem).
  • In QuickBooks, click on "Edit" at the top of the page, then "Preferences."  Select "Integrated Applications" and then the "Company Preferences" tab.  Verify that "Viewpost Sync" is listed as an application and that there is a checkbox in the "Allow Access" column.  


  • Close all open Modals in QuickBooks.
  • Change the QuickBooks user to an administrator.
  • Verify and rebuild the data in QuickBooks by going to File>Utilities>Verify Data, then File>Utilities>Rebuild if the Verify data indicates that a rebuild is necessary

If you are not able to sync after trying the above steps, send an email to Support@viewpost.com and send your vpsynclog and qbskdlog.  Go to Viewpost article for instructions in locating these files on your computer.




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