ACH Payments

What are Viewpost ACH Payments? How do they differ from Viewpost payments?

ACH payments allow eligible, registered Viewpost users to pay any business in the U.S. electronically by entering the recipient's Routing and Account Number. 

Some Viewpost payment methods require the recipient to be registered. This type of ACH does not.

These are not wires, and payment timelines may vary. 

The cost is the same as sending a digital payment. Click here for pricing details. 

Who can use this feature?

This feature is currently available to users that meet specific banking criteria. There is a short enrollment process visible to eligible account holders. If you do not see the option, you will not be able to use this feature. 

How to enroll?

  • To send ACH payments you must have a bank account registered, and enroll.
    • Register your bank account first. You can do this using our secure integration with log in enrollment or manually enter your routing and account number.
    • Once you have registered a bank account you will be able to enroll. 
    • Navigate to Payment Methods and select 'Enroll'

WU_1.JPG*Additional information may be required for the application, including but not limited to

  • The year that your company was incorporated
  • The type of industry or business you run


Enter all of the information and select 'Enroll'. Your application will appear as pending 'Pending'.


The ACH application may take up to a week to process, but could be approved sooner.

Applications may be declined for various reasons. You may have the opportunity to reapply.

If your application is approved you will get an email notification indicating that you are now eligible to send ACH payments.

How do I send an ACH payment?

  • Once approved you can send ACH payments.
  • The recipient does not need to do anything to receive the payment. 
  • You may pay a specific dollar amount from the Payments tab or pay an open bill. 

To send a specify a dollar amount 

  • Navigate to the Payment Tab 
  • Select 'Send Payment' 
  • Select ACH and enter all pertinent information
  • Select 'Send'


To pay open bills

  • Navigate to the Bills Tab>List View
  • Select Bills for Payment
  • Select ACH and enter all pertinent information
  • Select 'Submit'



Once payment has been submitted, you will receive an email confirmation of the payment, and a link to view and print payment receipts.

The recipient will receive email notification as well, if you have entered their email address. 

You may also view all payments under Payments Tab>Sent detail view. 



Estimated timelines are listed in Payment Details



 Once enrolled you may send ACH payments to any company by entering their routing and account number.

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