QuickBooks Online - Why aren't my checks from QuickBooks Online listed on the Viewpost Payments Sync page?

There can be several reasons why checks created in QuickBooks Online are not listed in Viewpost as eligible to send.  Look in QuickBooks Online and verify that the data entry is in a valid format for Viewpost.

Verify that the payment meets the Viewpost selection criteria.

  • Transaction is a Check or Bill Payment.
  • The payment is dated within the last 7 days.
  • The payment has a status of "Print Later".
  • Vendor is not selected for Auto-Send in Viewpost.

There are other situations that will prevent the payment from being displayed.

If an address has an entry in the Country field is not some form of United States (US, USA, etc.) the payment will not display in Viewpost.

Currency must be US.



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