How are Credit Card Payment Receipts Processed in QuickBook Desktop Synced to Viewpost?

The reference number created by Viewpost is Year, Month, Day, and Amount of the Credit Card Payment receipt.  

For example, if you have a credit card payment receipt dated  07/14/17 for $8.00 the reference number in Viewpost is 20170714800.  The reference number is found in the Payments Received List on Viewpost.

The reference number will only be available on Viewpost, and is not returned and stored in the payment receipt record on QucikBooks. 


Why is the sync agent forcing me to enter a reference number to sync credit card payment receipts to Viewpost?

Credit card payment receipts entered in QuickBooks manually and/or without a locked reference number field, will require a reference number in QuickBooks to sync to Viewpost.    

Why is my credit card receipt payment not listed in the sync agent when syncing Receipts to Viewpost?

Payment receipts from the same customer that will create a reference number that has been created in previous syncs to Viewpost, will not list in the sync agent for sync.  

For example, you sync, to Veiwpost, a processed credit card payment from Customer A dated 07/14/2017 for $10.00 creating reference number 201707141000 in Viewpost.  You then attempt to sync a second payment receipt for Customer A with the same date, 07/14/2017, and same amount, $10.00. The second payment receipt will not show up in the sync agent for sync with Viewpost.  The second payment will need to be entered manually in Viewpost.

If both payment are included in one sync they will both sync to Viewpost.




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