NetSuite Bundle Installation Guide

Before starting the NetSuite Bundle installation process, it is important to follow the instructions below.

  1. Create a Viewpost account at
  2. Add bank accounts in your Viewpost account.
  3. Contact Viewpost Support at 888.248.9190 to have the Viewpost account flagged as a NetSuite Sync company.
  4. Log in to to your NetSuite account.
  5. Add Viewpost North America as a vendor in NetSuite with the following information.Viewpost_address.jpg
  6. Export the vendor list from NetSuite (Exporting Vendor List) that includes all connected vendors on Viewpost Network page and send to

The following should not be started until Viewpost support has finished the migration process to NetSuite for your company.

  1. Select Customization>SuiteBundler>Search and Install Bundles>List (NetSuite Permissions needed to add a bundle) Search_and_Install_bundles_image.jpg
  2. Click on “New”.
  3. Type “Viewpost” in Keywords box.
  4. Select Viewpost NetSuite IntegrationSearch_for_bundle.jpg
  5. Click “Install” button on the NetSuite Bundle Details page.Install_button.jpg
  6. Click on “Install Bundle” button on Preview Bundle Install page.Install_bundle.jpg
  7. Click “OK’ on Modal that appears on your screen.OK_button.jpg
  8. Installed Bundles page will display the Viewpost NetSuite Integration with a status of “Pending”.Bundle_list.jpg
  9. You may need to refresh page to see a checkbox in the status column. At that time, Viewpost will now be in the main navigation header. Installed_bundle.jpg
  10. Select Customization>Lists, Records & Fields>Record TypesRecord_types.jpg
  11. Select Viewpost API KeyViewpost_API_key.jpg
  12. Select More>View Records in upper right of screenSelect_more.jpg
  13. Click on “New Viewpost API Key” button.New_API_Key.png
  14. Navigate to your Viewpost account. Click on Sync and Sync Settings and then click on “Generate Key” buttonGenerate_Key.jpg
  15. A unique key will be generated (have hidden most of key in this screen shot). Click on “Copy” buttonUnique_key.jpg
  16. The user will see a message that the key has been copied.Copied_message.jpg
  17. Navigate back to NetSuite and paste the Key in the Viewpost API Key field.Paste_API_Key.jpg
  18. Verify that the URL is shown in the Viewpost API URL box. The correct URL is  If not present or a different URL, enter the correct one.
  19. Click “Save”.
  20. Select Customization>Lists, Records & Fields>Record Types as indicated in Step 10.
  21. Select Viewpost Bank Accounts
  22. Select More>View Records in upper right hand corner of page as indicated in Step 12.
  23. Click on “New Viewpost Bank Accounts” button (Bank account(s) should already be created on Viewpost in step 2 at the beginning of the article).
  24. Enter Viewpost Payment Account Name exactly as it appears on Viewpost Payment Methods page.VP_Bank_Accout.jpg
  25. Click on the Dropdown In NetSuite to associate the Viewpost account with the correct NetSuite Account.
  26. Map_Bank_accounts.jpg
  27. Click “Save.” Repeat to add additional bank accounts.
  28. Modify Permissions for the bundle in NetSuite to limit authorization to use the app.
  29. Your installation is complete and you are ready to start sending payments. 




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