Modifying Sync Payment Options for Vendors


There are three payment options for each vendor that is synced to Viewpost.  These options can be selected on the Sync Settings page.

  • Confirm payments - This is the default setting upon sync initialization.  Payments created in QuickBooks Online that meet the payment requirements of Viewpost are displayed on the Payment sync page.  Each payment must be selected and sent by checking the box next to the payment.  The payment will be processed immediately upon clicking on the Send Payment button.  An email will be sent if any payments fail to send.
  • Auto-Send payments - Clicking the Auto-Send toggle next to the Vendor's name on the Sync Settings page will turn Auto-Send on for the vendor.  If the toggle is blue it is turned on.  When this feature is turned on, any future payment created in QuickBooks Online will automatically be sent within the Viewpost Auto-Send time period without the need to log in to Viewpost to confirm the payment.  This toggle can be turned off.
  • Exclude from Sync - When a check mark is present, payments to that vendor will not sync to Viewpost from QuickBooks Online; therefore, payments for this vendor will not Auto-Send or be listed on the payment confirmation page.

For more information on Auto-Send What is Auto-Send Payments and How Does It Work?

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