QBO - Why can't I send invoices?

The new and improved sync integration with QBO is being deployed as features are available.  The initial release include the following features:

  1. Sending payments from QBO to Viewpost
  2. Auto-syncing bills from Viewpost to QBO

During the interim between the release of features, receivable invoices will not be supported for QBO users. Receivable invoices created on Viewpost prior to the connection of QBO with Viewpost will remain on Viewpost but new invoices cannot be created.  Customer payments received through Viewpost will apply and close the existing invoices.  Customer payments received outside of Viewpost can be recorded against the invoice on Viewpost so that you can close the invoice.


Features to be released in the future include:

  1. Batch syncing of vendors from QBO to Viewpost
  2. Batch syncing of customers from QBO to Viewpost
  3. Sending receivable invoices from QBO to Viewpost
  4. Syncing customer payment receipts from QBO to Viewpost
  5. Syncing customer payment receipts from Viewpost to QBO

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